Loud Nights On a Short String

Brittany Shane
Loud Nights On a Short String
Painted Lady Records

Guitarist, songwriter, and singer Brittany Shane’s latest full-length Loud Nights On a Short String, has inflections of Sheryl Crow, and The Bangles, and The Sundays which enhance the summer ambience of this album. The love poem introduction “Paper And Pen” unearths a light groove and serves as a marker of what will follow, evidenced by the folk-tinted “Summer Calling” and the acoustic aura of the yearning “Come Around,” which could be interpreted as a call for optimism.

As the plot develops, the music becomes more aggressive. “A Sign From Me To You” pulsates, and “Keep It Down/You Are Loved” welds frequent instrumental effects with tempo changes. The pensive “Hazy Rose,” with a bass-percussion interplay that contributes a sound resembling maracas and the crack of a horsewhip, has a dreamy air recalling the Cranberries but with psychedelic nuances: “Hazy rose in my head/Now drifting above my dreamy bed…Why don’t you float my way instead?”

Washed in rock, folk, and pop colors, Loud Nights On a Short String balances summer warmth and vigor with reflection and loneliness without becoming too lost in the swirl of heartbreak and uncertainty. The album also effectively demonstrates the ups and downs of relationships through the use of nature, and its underlying theme of going forward, of being OK to make mistakes and hope for the better, suits the album’s title. “It’s how you handle the situation that makes you strong,” Shane says. “Are you going to stop when things get tough, or are you going to power through…and make something cool out of it?”

by Jeff Boyce