Sara Hickman

Sara Hickman
Cactus Café
Austin, TX

Artist and singer Sara Hickman seemed utterly at ease as she enthusiastically moved about the stage chatting with the audience at a recent performance.

Hickman’s band mates consisted of three rather subdued gentlemen dressed in black, but as soon as the band began playing, her fellow musicians came alive with great passion and energy.

At times the vocals were muffled and difficult to decipher, but the band was visually compelling throughout. They worked as a cohesive unit, regularly looking to synchronize the individual parts as they reached cadences and climaxes.

Hickman opened the show with a piece from her new album, Shine, with “Do me all over,” as its main lyrics. She appeared to be having the time of her life on the stage, passionately bobbing her head and rocking to the beat.

Hickman seemed fully engrossed in each song, and she never failed to connect with her audience. She took the time to tell the story of each piece. Occasionally she would even engage in conversations with individual audience members, once calling out to a man who got up from his seat: “Hey, where are you going?!”

She introduced another song, “Trouble with Boxes” with a succinct message: “This goes out to anybody who feels like they don’t fit in,” which endeared her even more to her listeners. Its steady, pronounced rhythm combined with repetitive melodic motives seemed to mirror the sturdiness of those confining walls about which she crooned.

By the end of the night the audience members at the concert reflected back Hickman’s cheerfulness. A consummate performer, Sara Hickman gave them an experience they will not likely soon forget.

by Jacqueline Perrin