Lloyd Maines


1. Listening to my Father and my Uncles play music in my Grandmother's
kitchen in Lubbock, Texas, when I was around 8 years old.

2. Touring Europe for the first time....with Joe Ely in 1977....the English
treated us like Royalty...because we were from Texas, but mostly because we
were from Lubbock.

3. The feeling I got when I first pushed the pedals down on a Pedal
Steel....the possibilities are endless.

4. I produced a Gospel record on my little sister La Tronda....when I heard
her sing those same songs at her album release...it grabbed my heart.

5. The first time I heard a really good Dixieland Band....I liked the spirit
and the fun.

6. When I was playing on the Dixie Chicks first record for Sony...I could see
Natalie, Martie and Emily through the vocal booth window...watching them sing, I knew that they were about to impact the country music scene in a big positive way...it made me very proud.

7. Receiving a Grammy in 2003 for producing the Dixie Chicks "Home."
record...I was very proud to experience that with my daughter and the girls.

8. When I play live with Terri Hendrix, it's very gratifying when I see her
connect with the audiences across the country....I can see it in their
faces...I really enjoy her music.

9. I know this is sappy, but I remember the first time that my kids and
grandkids starting singing little kids songs....No better musical memories than
that my friend.

10. I've produced numerous records over the years...I'd have to say that no
matter how famous the artist or how big the budget...I always remember the
feeling of satisfaction that I get when I feel that I helped the artist get what
they wanted and helped them record their songs in a manner to be proud of 50 or
100 years from now...being chosen to help someone with their art is an