Ian McLagan


1. Joining the Small Faces (seeing them on TV and then being invited
to join soon after!)

2. Playing with Howlin’ Wolf (“My boys” story) and playing with Little

3. Joining the Faces and touring America for the first time (“Made in

4. Recording/touring with the Stones (1978 & 81, and then the Bumps
opening the Stone’s first ever show in Austin 2006).

5. Recording first solo album (Troublemaker) with Ronnie Wood, Keith
Richards, Ringo Starr, etc.

6. Forming the Bump Band (which started as Bonnie Raitt & the Bump
Band in early 1980s).

7. Writing my memoirs, All The Rage.

8. Producing the Faces Box Set, Five Guys Walk into a Bar….

9. Spiritual Boy album and the Passing Show premiere at the Alamo Draft
House and celebrating Ronnie’s 60th birthday.

10. Being on the David Letterman show with the Bump Band (June 16, 2009) and performing “Never Say Never.”