A Musical Bard

Jon Anderson-200-80
Jon Anderson, whose musical career has spanned four decades, is considered to be an artful musician. He is most known for his work as the lead vocalist of the progressive rock band Yes. His powerful, high-pitched voice gave Anderson an original and impressive sound. Not only did he perform with one of the best progressive rock bands of the 1970’s, he co-wrote many of the band’s greatest hits including “Roundabout” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”

Anderson’s legacy continues long after Yes broke up; he has also worked with many bands and artists including Vangelis, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Rick Wakeman. Artists from around the world have sought out his expertise and talent on many different projects. Most recently, Anderson has been touring as a solo artist. He released Survival & Other Stories, a solo album, in 2011 as well as a long track entitled “OPEN.” Anderson is planning on more tours and solo albums in the future and has shown no signs slowing down.

Jupiter Index: Can you remember the first song you memorized and sang as a child?
Ian Anderson: White Christmas...

What was it that drew you to music?
My Brother and I always sang together, working on a local farm, we started a band when I was 9, 'The Little John Skiffle band'...very noisy....

Tell us how you decided to write the songs on your many albums?
I was always thankful to be able to write songs, so I do it most everyday, or whenever I can. I seem to have an endless stream of ideas...

Do you go to a special place when you write?
Not really, in the house, in my studio...when I'm shopping...songs come to me..

What do you use to record? (Pro Tools?)
Logic Audio…

Can you tell us what are some of your favorite guitars you have and use?
Yamaha nylon string cutaway and my 19th century classical guitar.....they just sound so special, they make me want to sing...

How do you explore new areas of your music?
I work with lots of people from around the world...creating all sorts of musical styles, it's an adventure.

Are there new directions you want to still explore in music?
I'm very interested in symphonic music, more cosmic sounding...large scale works...

What advice do you have for musicians wanting to perform their music?

Practice Practice PRACTICE !!!!!!

Would you like to add anything else that you have not mentioned?
Music is such an amazing part of life, and we shouldn't limit ourselves to what we listen to. 

by Hunter Tolbert