Album Cuts

Musician Lisa Gamache from Austin, Texas, has recently released her self-produced, second CD, Dragon Fly. In this interview she shares what are some of her favorite musical records, and Gamache also reveals something of herself in this interview.

Jupiter Index: If you were alone on a desert island which five CDs would you most want with you and why?

This album is emblematic of an era - the 1990’s and the grunge movement. Cornell is an otherworldly talent, a wonderful writer, a guitarist, and one of the greatest vocalists of all time, in my opinion. I really could NOT get enough of this album.

Little Feat
Sailin' Shoes
Lowell George made a big impression on me in high school. I still adore this album - it's one-of-a-kind, brilliant, and ebullient. I saw them live with Lowell in high school in the burbs of Boston, maybe a year before he died. He seemed a little wasted, but he was still completely captivating.

Tom Petty
This record came out in 1994 when I was home with my newborn daughter, Isabella. I had pretty severe postpartum depression, and I was climbing the walls at home alone. I decided to go to Amoeba Records to get some new music. On the new release shelf, I picked up Wildflowers, along with Smashing Pumpkins and a couple of others. I swear, Wildflowers saved my sanity. "You Wreck Me" is Isabella's song, and I used to sing it and dance around with her. We both loved it and still do.

Joni Mitchell
This record was formative for me as a singer. I think it was released when I was about 13. I would come home every day after school and play it over and over again, imitating every vocal lick, adding harmonies, and learning the lyrics. I adored Joni and wanted to inhabit her voice. Also, her lyrics were/are very poetic and always painted a story. I was fascinated with Joni. Oddly, I'm reading a biography about her right now that my sister gave me.

Lisa Gamache
Dragon Fly
It feels self-centered to put my own record on the list, but I'd be hard-pressed to leave it behind. I'm proud of it and don't think I'd soon get tired of hearing it and listening to the band's amazing work. I have another solo record, as well as a record each with Max and the Makeups and Skank - I'd like to have a greatest hits mashup of those records, too.