Tyler Edwards

Tyler Edwards
A Few Good Hearts
Wildlife Sanctuary

A Few Good Hearts, Tyler Edwards’ first full-length album, was released in March 2017. Through his lyrics and rich guitar, Edwards tells the listener all about his life, and shows his view of the world. A Few Good Hearts is a diverse album, and while each song showcases his gentle southern style, his versatility is a prominent feature on this album.

Edwards’ folk/country style is influenced by his early life in South Carolina, where he began his music career in 2008. His early days were spent writing and performing with the rock band I Anthem. Together, the band released two EPs and an LP, and had multiple songs hit the Top 10 on Billboard’s Rock Chart. In 2015, Edwards began his solo career, and released his first EP, “Too Young for Love.” After the release, the new solo artist moved from South Carolina to Seattle, Washington, where he currently resides.

A Few Good Hearts shows Edwards’ transition from his early work as a rock artist to the folk/country artist that he is today. While the album focuses on this country style, there are still elements of rock that give it a different feel from other artists in the genre.

“Before The Question” opens the album in a very gentle and calm way. The song features very little guitar, and focuses heavily on Edwards’ vocals. This serves to focus the listener on his lyrics for the rest of the album, because they are where the bulk of his story is told. This song is only about a minute long, but gives a great preview for what A Few Good Hearts is about.

The title track, “A Few Good Hearts,” offers the listener some of Edwards’ wisdom on love. His vocals have a very strong emotion throughout this song, and the tone is perfect for describing love- simple, but has things hidden below the surface that change the way the song sounds without being obvious.

“Plain And The Valley,” is an incredibly beautiful song that paints a picture of a simple life amongst nature. This song describes Edwards’ respect for nature, and for a slow and quiet life.

A Few Good Hearts shows Edwards’ evolution as an artist, and explores his newfound style after going solo. I look forward to seeing what Edwards will do in the future, and how his music will evolve further.

by Caroline LaMotta