Old Treasures in Music

Sometimes artists review musical works that have influenced their own music, and in this special album interview, blues and rock artist Guy Forsyth takes a moment to cover the following three records.

Can you recall a few records that have been helpful for your own guitar playing?


Artist : John Hammond
Album Title:
Live 1983
Acoustic solo recordings are like black and white photographs, it's either there or it's not. It's right here.


Artist: Ry Cooder
Album Title:
Great tunes played greatly. Ry will never be the best singer but he never fails to communicate on this disc, and that is why it always works.


Artist: Blind Willie Johnson
Album Title:
The Complete Blind Willie Johnson
Although Robert Johnson affected me first, it is Blind Willie who gets the nod here. In an era that is defined by money and fashion in music. I am saved by the pure power of these analog treasures. This is magic of the highest order. Listen and talk to me.