Concerts Remembered by Artist Mark Daly

Which three concerts/performances have you attended in the past that moved you for the musical ability and skill of the artist/ band? What was it about the show that still stays with you?

1. Geoff Tate

Having the honor to tour with Geoff Tate has been incredible. Not only do I see him as a mentor and great friend but the ultimate professional on the road. It blows my mind to see how much he puts into each and every show and his showmanship has thought me so many things about being a frontman.

2. Declan O' Rourke

A fellow Irishman and an unbelievable musician & performer. He has a completely different musical style from me as he plays a modern traditional Irish style of songwriting. I went to his show last year and it was truly breathtaking and brought me to another world while watching and listening to his incredible lyrics.

3. Candlebox

I have also been lucky enough to tour with Candlebox and it is another band that completely blows me away live. Massive energy and I could listen and learn from Kevin Martin all day long. They are a band that knows how to be incredibly professional and has a lot of fun on the road too.