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Concert Interviews with two leading musicians in America

Jupiter Index: Which three concerts/performances have you attended that moved you for the musical ability and skill of the artist/ or band? What was it about the show that still stays with you?

Michaela Anne:
1. Kate McGarrigle of the McGarrigle Sisters passed away years ago and I went to the tribute show at Town Hall in NYC after her passing. This must have been around 2010 or so? It was made up of a long list of incredible musicians, including her children, Martha Wainwright and Rufus Wainwright, Emmylou Harris, Antony of Antony & the Johnsons and even Jimmy Fallon sang Loudon Wainwright’s song “The Swimming Song”. I was absolutely blown away by this show. Not only was the musicianship incredible, the songs (the McGarrigle sisters’ catalog), were so well crafted and the emotion was so incredibly joyful and melancholy as they were all obviously grieving. That show was a turning point for me where I really realized emotional connection is the driving force for me and life as a musician.

2. Rosanne Cash at the Country Music Hall of Fame I believe in 2015. I had never seen her live and I enjoyed every moment of that show. The band was incredible and her voice was beautiful but she also was so engaging. I felt like she took the audience on a real journey... she shared historical stories, told jokes, was poignant and meaningful. I walked away feeling like I knew her in a way and had also felt every emotion and was thoroughly satisfied by that.

3. Bonnie Raitt at the Ryman Auditorium I believe around 2016? This show blew my mind. She is STILL so good. Her band’s level of musicianship is incredibly high and she is just so good I don’t even know how to say anything more eloquent than that. She’s so good. I left that show feeling so energized, invigorated and inspired to work. To take care of myself so I can be singing the rest of my life with a clear strong voice, to practice more, to work harder. Her level of talent, work ethic, ability, is just on a level of its own. At the very end of the show, after this big loud, full band performance, she sat down on a stool and played "I Can’t Make You Love Me", just her and an acoustic guitar. I was fully weeping. Not misty eyed... full on, ugly face crying.

by G.M. Burns

Don Harvey likes diverse music and in this special concert question he tells what have been his top three music concerts he has most enjoyed? (And what made each one special musically?)

1. Artists name: The Rolling Stones
Place Zilker Park, Bigger Bang Tour
Opened the show with Ian McLagan & the Bump Band. Met my lifelong hero Charlie Watts

2. Artists name: Daniel Lanoir & Brian Blade
Place SXSW 2008
Dreamlike & spirited performance by 2 musicians with the power of 10.

3. Artists name: Jethro Tull & Edgar Winter
Stonybrook New York, 1970
The first rock concert I attended at the age of 14

by G.M. Burns