A Musician Who Listens

Anthony Rosano is a driven artist and one who loves to hear the layers of complex melodies in music. From Bob Seger to the Allman Brothers Band, Rosano writes about a number of shows that still feel memorable to him.

JI: Which five concerts/performances have you attended in the past that moved you for the musical ability and skill of the artist/ band? What was it about the show that still stays with you?

Concert Johnny Winter
1. Artist/Band: Johnny Winter
Venue: Sundance Long Island
Year (approx. time): 1989
I remember being floored by Johnny, he was LOUD and brash without being aggressive. He played blues in a way I hadn’t heard before, he was HIMSELF, and it made a huge impression on me.

Concert U2
2. Artist/Band: U2
Venue: Yankee Stadium
Year (approx. time): 1991
It was an Incredible show, I wasn’t a fan of the band really at that time, that changed that night. They had great production and sounded INCREDIBLE. Somehow with all the lights and video effects, I was able to really hear their songs. Most big productions detract IMO, this didn’t, it was the perfect combination and it really intensified the content of their songs.

Concert Allman Brothers Band
3. Artist/Band: Allman Brothers Band
Venue: Virginia Beach Amphitheater
Year (approx. time): 1998?
I was always an ABB fan, when I had the chance to see them live I was ecstatic. I was really into what Warren Haynes was doing and stoked to see him live. When they came out Warren wasn’t with them, it was Dickey (who I was also a huge fan of) and some guy with a Newsboy Cap and overalls…that guy was Jack Pearson and after his first solo I was blown away! He changed the band subtly but in a good way, things breathed a little different, he had a different vibe and an understated swagger that was ridiculous. He is still one of my favorite players to this day.

4. Artist/Band: Jack Pearson
Venue: 3rd and Lindsly
Year (approx. time): 2019
This was Jacks Birthday show, I happed to be in town with my wife and good friend, Tony Bullard, got me tickets. He started acoustic and then did a set with his organ trio. It was an incredible night of music. The man is technically accomplished but it never gets in the way of SOUL. There’s so much soul there, he is truly inspiring.

5. Artist/Band: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Year (approx. time): 2019
Well… I was fortunate to open a string of dates for Bob Seger on his final tour. The band, the crew, the production, EVERYONE was top notch. They treated us like we belonged and like we were a bigger band than we were. I made some GREAT friends and got to see a LEGENDARY rock n Roll songwriter perform every night. “Uncle” Bob, gave 110% every night, everyone seemed grateful and happy to be there, and I learned that no matter how big you are, even a legend, it’s important to stay humble and treat others like they are the real stars.