Concert Reviews

Vocalist and guitarist Andrew VanNorstran of the folk and roots band Faux Paws took time to answer this essential music question. Which five concerts/performances have you attended that moved you for the musical ability and skill of the artist/or band? What was it about the show that still stays with you?

Wild Asparagus - Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camp - 1999
My first time experiencing contra dance music! It blew my mind. I was eleven years old and everything was just so new. I remember watching how the band would build dynamics and create this special connection with the dancers. More than twenty years later and I still can't get over that feeling.

Dave Matthews Band - Saratoga Springs - 2005ish
Maybe cliché but it was a very special night.

The Mammals - Champlain Valley Folk Festival - 2007ish
This show absolutely changed my life. It was folk music but it ROCKED so hard! Completely shifted my whole concept of what the fiddle and banjo were capable of.

Donna the Buffalo / The Horseflies - Various Festivals - 2010ish
I forget exactly where and when it was but the first time I heard Donna the Buffalo, it was like something inside my musical heart was filled that I had no idea was missing. Their complete dedication to the vibe, the groove, the beat, the feel; it was incredible. Nothing else mattered. And it was right around the same time I heard The Horseflies and again, it was totally fascinating, addictive and transformative to experience music that felt that good.

The Milk Carton Kids - Caramoor - 2019
A beautiful night, with beautiful music, in a beautiful place. Everything just came together so well and it reminded me how good live music can be. Thoughtful, well-crafted, perfectly executed. Well done gents.